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Canberra Country Music Awards 2012 Empty Canberra Country Music Awards 2012

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Canberra Country Music Awards 2012 Announced!
The Canberra Country Music Awards presented on the Sunday of the Canberra Country Music Festival, saw Brothers 3 take four awards, and Bryen Willems, Natalie Howard and The Fry Brothers emerge with two each.

Local Hall performer, West Texas Crude, received the Best Regional Country Rock Song Award capping off a great year with their new album launch.

The Canberra Country Music Awards has a unique national and regional component with all the artists judged together under the various category headings. Where the best in a category is won by a performer outside the Canberra Region, they receive the National Award and the best artist from within the Canberra Region is given the Regional Award.

The 2012 winners were:

BEST COUNTRY ALBUM - National Award – No Band Here – Bryen Willems (NSW)
BEST EXTENDED PLAY RECORDING - National Award – See It Now – Dana Hassall (QLD)
AUSTRALIAN HERITAGE SONG - National Award – Australia – Brothers 3 (NSW)
OPEN CONTEMPORARY COUNTRY SONG - National Award – You Oughta Marry Me – Natalie Howard (QLD)
BEST PRODUCTION (ENGINEER/ARRANGEMENT) - National Award – Need To Need You – Paul Cowderoy (QLD)
ALTERNATE COUNTRY SONG - National Award – Country Vs Rock – Brothers 3 (NSW)
BLUEGRASS/MOUNTAIN MUSIC SONG - National Award – Built To Last – The Fry Brothers (VIC)
CHILDRENS COUNTRY SONG - National Award – Joey The Aussie Blowie – Alan Caswell (NSW)
COUNTRY SWING SONG - National Award – Crowpecker Blues – Brothers 3 (NSW)
COUNTRY GOSPEL SONG - National Award – Oh Lord Let Your Love Shine On Me – The Fry Brothers (VIC)
COUNTRY ROCK SONG - National Award – You Oughta Marry Me – Natalie Howard (QLD)
COUNTRY ROCK SONG - Regional Award – Doesn't Anyone Care About The Country Any More – West Texas Crude (ACT)
FOLK/AUSTRALIANA SONG - National Award – Convict Lady – Brothers 3 (NSW)
HONKY TONK SONG - National Award – Two For One Cocktails – Bryen Willems (NSW)
TRADITIONAL COUNTRY SONG - National Award – He Still Remembers – Kathy Coleman (NSW)


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